. . .Promotes the use of Tamil language and develop Tamil culture
among our children through Tamil Cultural School. . .
நியூ ஜேர்சி தமிழ் கலை கலாச்சார மன்றம்

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New Jersey Tamil Arts and Cultural Society (NJTACS)

NJTACS is a Tamil community established with a unique identity that will inspire every future generation and flourish enduringly, by promoting the use of Tamil language and by preserving the Tamil arts and culture.      

NJTACS seeks to make our vision a reality by many non-profit activities including……

The Tamil Cultural School, USA: NJTACS runs a reputed  Tamil school in North America with high standards and guidance. It is created to operate Tamil Cultural Schools to promote the use of our language and develop the Tamil Culture among our children. Also, provides a regular meeting place for our children.

American Tamil Center: A stand-alone organization in the state of New Jersey to operate Tamil Community centers in the future, bringing young adults and seniors under one roof in partnership with NJTACS.

NJTACS Youthers: A youth organization created to unite and establish contacts among our Tamil high school seniors, University students and other youngsters representing our next generation.

Community  Support Team: A group of volunteers focused on providing support to Tamil and American community. This team supports orphanages in South Asia. Also, the team participated in supporting 9/11 victims in New York.

Annual Cultural Show: Provides performing opportunities to our students and also develops interest and awareness within the community at large.

General Events: Annual picnics, Tamil functions, annual dinner, etc. to develop a NJTACS family.

Membership is open to all persons interested in promoting Tamil language & culture. 

NJTACS is a NJ registered charitable organization with tax exemption   under Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRC.


All contributions to NJTACS are tax-exempt.

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